Six Top Sights in April

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Extract taken from April's 2023 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Red Tower

Saint Agatha’s Tower, also known as The Red Tower, is a large bastion in Mellieha and forms part of the Lascaris towers across the islands. Yet, this tower’s design is completely different from the rest. It is open to visitors, so come and see for yourself. See the site for details.



Mellieha Beach

A swathe of golden sand with ample eateries and watersports equipment hire companies waiting to entertain you. Of course, you can just lounge, people watch and listen to the crashing waves.



Coral Lagoon

This is the time of year to walk up to the lagoon, admire the scenery and enjoy the calm. It gets very busy here in the summer months. It is a high jump and the water is 3-4 metres deep, but what a great shot it is with a Go-Pro!



The Parish Church

The church has two bell towers and a dome which make it a prominent landmark in the Mellieħa skyline; these were completed between 1920 and 1940, though the rest of the construction was started in 1881.



Shrine to Our Lady

The underground grotto forms part of the complex of the Sanctuary of Our Lady which includes a chapel hewn out the hard, brownish limestone and a statue of Our Lady holding the Holy Infant on
her left arm.



Majjistral Park

Majjistral Park is an organisation committed to raising awareness of the environment to all age groups and organises walks at the park itself, as well as talks and snorkelling trips too. It’s not fenced off so you can visit freely.