In situations where we cannot accommodate your pet either as accompanied baggage or in the passenger cabin, you have the option of booking your pet in the aircraft hold as Cargo. In that case please contact our Cargo Reservations on phone number +356 2247 3700 or your cargo agent and they will guide you through the process. It is important to note that you will have to drop off/pick-up your pet at/from the Station Cargo centre which normally is in a separate building from the Airport terminal and not within walking distance.

Cargo Terms and Conditions

·         All allowable pets can be sent as cargo.

·         Crate sizes exceeding volumetric weight of 60Kgs are permissible; Formula LxBxH cms / 6000.

·         Maximum crate height size up to 110 cm. 

Pet in Cargo hold Fees:   Please contact Air Malta’s Cargo Reservations  Department for further pricing details or through e-mail on  [email protected].