Free diving in Malta’s aquatic paradise

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Imagine the thrill of descending into the deep blue sea with nothing but a lungful of air, exploring the wonders of the underwater world without the constraints of scuba gear. Welcome to the mesmerising realm of free diving, an ancient practice that has found a modern resurgence. And for those seeking the perfect destination to experience this breathtaking sport, look no further than our stunning island nation of Malta.

Words by Deirdre Farrugia | Extract taken from September's 2023 Il-Bizzilla Magazine

Free diving is a sport that challenges the limits of human endurance and explores the depths of inner peace. Unlike scuba diving, which relies on tanks of compressed air, free diving involves descending and ascending using only a single breath. It requires exceptional breath-holding ability, relaxation techniques, and the understanding of how the body responds to pressure at different depths.

Malta, with its crystal-clear azure waters, underwater caves, and rich marine life, provides an ideal playground for free divers. The archipelago offers a variety of dive sites suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. Here are a few reasons why Malta is a haven for free divers.

The exceptionally clear waters around Malta provide excellent visibility, making it an awe-inspiring experience to witness the underwater beauty and marine life.

Malta boasts an intricate network of underwater caves, tunnels, and rock formations, perfect for exploration. The famous Blue Grotto and Inland Sea are just a couple of the remarkable sites waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced free diver, Malta offers a range of depths to cater to different skill levels. The shallow coastal waters are perfect for beginners, while more advanced divers can explore deeper sites.

The Mediterranean Sea around Malta teems with diverse marine life, including colourful fish, octopi, rays, seahorses, and even the occasional dolphin or turtle. It’s a veritable paradise for underwater enthusiasts.

Malta offers numerous free diving schools and training centers that cater to all skill levels. These schools provide proper guidance, safety measures, and tips for enhancing your free diving experience. We strongly recommend any dives are conducted with one of these schools.

We suggest these best free diving sites in Malta:

The Blue Hole, Gozo is an iconic site featuring a natural underwater arch leading to the open sea. It’s perfect for divers looking to experience natural beauty and encounter marine life.

Ċirkewwa Reefs offer an array of marine life, a wreck which is perched on a sand dune and underwater landscapes. Ċirkewwa is a hotspot for divers and free divers alike.

Anchor Bay is known for its calm waters and easy access. It is a great spot for beginners to practice and enjoy the underwater environment.

Malta’s azure waters and underwater wonders make it an enticing destination for free divers of all levels. From natural arches to vibrant marine life, the island nation offers a truly immersive experience in the world of free diving. If you’re ready to plunge into the depths and connect with the mesmerising aquatic realm, Malta awaits your underwater adventure.