Air Malta’s hand baggage policy review comes into effect on 1st July 2020

As part of our stated commitment to ensure Health and Safety to our passengers, we have made a few changes to your travel experience. We have been working with industry partners and following best practice guidance to ensure the highest standards of health and safety, not only onboard but throughout the customer journey. For this reason we have also reviewed the hand baggage policy.

Hand baggage may now be checked in free of charge. Only laptop bags and small hand bags are guaranteed on board, other hand baggage may be restricted subject to space availability in the cabin.

Please ensure to remove lithium batteries, valuables and dangerous goods from all checked in luggage.

New measurements of our hand baggage effective 10th February 2019 are:


We remind all our guests that the main hand baggage should not exceed 10kg in weight. The hand baggage needs to fit our baggage sizers located at all airports.

Hand baggage beyond the maximum weight and dimensions or second pieces (e.g. large handbags, backpacks, second hand baggage etc) will be subject to a charge of €60 per bag at check-in or at the departure gate. Charges at the gate must be paid by credit card.

Guests whose baggage is placed in the hold should remove any valuables, medicines, electronic equipment, spare batteries, e-cigarettes, or any other item they might need during the flight. For security reasons guests are also invited to lock the bag before handing it to our ground staff.

This policy applies to all our guests with an Economy ticket on all Air Malta flights, for both outbound and inbound travel. 

How much can you bring?

Just as with checked-in baggage, the amount of Air Malta hand baggage you can take with you will depend on the travel class of your ticket.

2 pieces x 15 kg total weight per person (1 piece x 10kg max) // Infants not entitled to hand bagga


Travel Class  Maximum Dimensions  Maximum Weight allowed 
Smart Business and Business Freedom 2 pieces of hand baggage: 40x55x25cms each 2 pieces x 15 kg total weight per person (1 piece x 10kg max) // Infants not entitled to hand baggage
Just Business and Business upgrades 2 pieces of hand baggage: 40x55x25cms each 2 pieces x 15 kg total weight per person (1 piece x 10kg max) // Infants not entitled to hand baggage
Sale, Go Light, Go Safe, Go Smart and Go Flex 1 piece of hand baggage: 40x55x25cms and 1 small bag 40x34x18cms 1 piece x 10 kg per person plus a small bag not weighing more than 2 kgs // Infants not entitled to hand baggage.

As long as your Air Malta hand baggage complies with the above, it can be in any form, whether it is a backpack, shoulder bag, or a small rolling suitcase.

Any hand baggage exceeding these dimensions will not be accepted as hand baggage, and will count towards your checked-in baggage allowance. If you are unsure, check at the Bag Drop desk before going through security, where you will be advised if fees are applicable.

Other items you can take on board

Apart from the allowed weight for hand baggage, you are not allowed to take anything else onboard other than a bag with duty free items. Cameras, small umbrellas, netbook/tablet cases and purses must be part of the 2Kg entitlement for the additional hand baggage. 

To learn more about carriage of items such as equipment for children and musical instruments in the cabin, please visit the special baggage section.

What’s not allowed as hand baggage?

Due to international regulations, there are some restrictions on what you can pack in your hand baggage. For instance, carrying ammunition and firearms in hand baggage is strictly not permitted.

If you wish to review our baggage policies, please visit the Baggage Restrictions category here.