Passengers will be limited, in terms of the number and weight of animals, by IATA regulations. Those passengers wishing to travel with pets may do so subject to the following requirements, depending on the origin and destination of their journey:

  1. Malta to any EU Country as well as Switzerland: Passengers will now be able to check-in their animals onto a flight as excess baggage.

  2. Malta to the UK: Passengers will be required to book their pets onto the flight as cargo. PETC and AVIH services are not offered on this route.

  3. Malta to a non-EU country (other than Libya, or other countries with local restrictions): Passengers will now be able to check-in their animals onto a flight as excess baggage.

  4. UK to Malta: Passengers can only travel with their Cat/Dog from London Heathrow Airport. All other pets departing from all UK airports must be booked as cargo.

  5. Countries with local restrictions: Passengers will be required to book their pets onto the flight as cargo.

  6. Any EU Country (other than the UK) to Malta: Passengers will now be able to check-in their animals onto a flight as excess baggage.

  7. Non-EU country to Malta: If entry requirements are not met, animals could be quarantined. Please refer to the Malta government website for updates:

  8. Transit through Malta: Pets are not allowed to transit through Malta.

  9. Pets as cargo are only accepted on Air Malta point-to-point destinations.


Passenger responsibilities:  Passengers are responsible for fulfilling the following criteria when transporting pets:

·         Provision of a suitable container to ensure safe and comfortable transportation of the pet/s.

·         Provision of proper documentation for health, entry and transfer for all countries en route. 


Documentation Required:  Usually, a pet passport is required for air travel. For further details kindly refer to the government website indicated above.
A licensed veterinarian should examine the pet prior to travel and issue a certificate or stamp the pet passport which certifies that the animal is in good health, harmless, inoffensive and odourless.

When bringing pets to Malta, an appointment must be made with the Agriculture and Fisheries Regulation Division on phone number +356 2292 5216/5172 (for animals arriving from EU) or +356 21653013/0393 (for animals arriving from outside EU) during office hours (Monday to Friday 07:00 - 15:00) or the VSO Veterinary Support Officer on mobile number +356 99170532 (24 hour) or by email [email protected] advising flight number, date and time of arrival, for inspection prior to the release of pet. Any related forms requested, may be accessed from the website for Fish and Farming Regulation and Control on

If you’re travelling to another destination, please make sure you are familiar with the pet import rules of the country.

Air Malta will not be held responsible if any pet or animal is refused entry in a specific country. 

Acceptable containers:   Your pet should be carried in an appropriate container/carrier that meets the minimum standard for size, ventilation, strength, sanitation and design for safe handling and must have a waterproof (leak proof) bottom. 
It is important you purchase the right sized container for your animal. Airlines use the following indications to ensure the animal has enough space to turn around normally while standing, to stand and sit upright, and to lie in a natural position.The below charges are per carrier.


Category Weight Charge
Small AVIH 1 - 10kg €70
Medium AVIH 11 - 20kg €100
Large AVIH 21 - 32kg €150

*For ferrets, hares, rabbits and birds a surcharge fee of €10 is applicable to the above charges.



Ticket Refunds/Changes:  If your pet cannot be accommodated on the flight(s) and date(s) you selected and you have booked your pet  as indicated under the  ‘Booking your pet’s flight’, section,  your ticket can then be either refunded or changed to another date at no extra cost.

Other General Conditions

1.       If your itinerary involves travel on airlines other than Air Malta, even in the case when the other airline is code shared  with Airmalta and operated by another carrier, you must contact the operating carrier to confirm you are allowed to carry your pet.

2.       Customers travelling with pets as PETC or AVIH should check-in at the airport, not online. Please report at the check-in counter at least two hours prior to scheduled time of departure of your flight.

3.       Guide dogs are accepted in the passenger cabin and travel free of charge. More details are available  here.

4.       From time to time due to high loads, flights might be embargoed and we will be unable to accept pets to travel. You will be updated of such embargoes at the time of your booking.

It is advisable that passengers travelling with their pets, visit the following websites for further information:  

·         To, from or within the European Union: read the European Commission regulations  here

·         To the United Kingdom (only possible via Cargo): visit the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs  here.

·         Between other countries: visit  IATA.