Solo Travel in Malta

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You may arrive in Malta alone, but you will leave with a heap of new experiences, friends and most likely, invitations to return.


Words by Thames Parnell | Extract taken from June's 2023 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Malta is a great destination for solo travellers due to its small size, friendly locals, and diverse range of activities. There are plenty of things to do in Malta, such as exploring ancient ruins, visiting museums, enjoying the beach, and tons of workshops and organised tours to join.



Getting around is also easy on the buses which are always a source of entertainment and people watching opportunities. You also get to see parts of Malta that locals live in which are not necessarily the mainstream tourist spots.


Ask at your accommodation for recommendations and do look at social media; Facebook is the most used locally and of course the sites advertising activities and experiences have suggestions too. There are groups of singles like Internations, Girl Gone and various nationality Ex-Pat groups too. If you’re active, why not have a go at kayaking, SUP, windsurfing or diving – all of which are available at the main beaches. You could also join a nature walk or a trek with like-minded people.


Don’t like eating alone? Go on a foodie’s tour or try your hand at a cooking class where you’ll prepare your own meal and get to share it over wine with your classmates and soon-to-be friends.


If you're looking for something to occupy your mind, sign up for an English class, or take a historic tour. There are history talks, shows and tours available for those interested in learning about Malta's rich cultural heritage. and if you want to occupy your hands, try a sewing lesson, a painting workshop, a pottery day, make a stained-glass ornament or even try weaving!



There are history talks, shows and tours available for those interested in learning about Malta's rich cultural heritage.


During the Summer months there are music festivals – many of which are free, and of course the traditional Maltese festa; look out for flags in the streets to know which village is celebrating.


These happen over a few days so you’re bound to be here for one close by! There will be a parade with a marching band, lots of food and drink and then there are the fireworks!


Travelling solo to Malta can be a rewarding experience, with plenty to see and do and rife with opportunities to meet new people. Just make sure to take standard precautions to stay safe and enjoy your trip!