We know how much your pets can be important to you! For your added convenience, Pet as Accompanied Checked in Baggage has been updated to include hares, rabbits, ferrets and birds. So why not take them with you on holiday? Whether you own a small or large pet, we have created a dedicated set of guidelines to ensure that travelling with pets on Air Malta is as safe and comfortable as possible. 

You have three options to carry your pet on Air Malta scheduled flights:

Pets carried in the passenger cabin

You are welcome to bring your small cat or dog with you in the cabin on our flights, as long as it can comfortably fit in its carrier under the seat in front of you and without blocking passage to the main aisle of the airplane.

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Pet as Accompanied Checked in Baggage

Dogs, cats, birds, hares, rabbits and ferrets may be transported under certain conditions as excess baggage in the aircraft's airconditioned hold. 

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Pet in Cargo hold

In situations where we cannot accommodate your pet either as accompanied baggage or in the passenger cabin, you have the option of booking your pet in the aircraft hold as Cargo.

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What you need to know about Travelling with your Pet

Passengers will be limited, in terms of the number and weight of animals, by IATA regulations.

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