Restauration en Vol



Business Class 


We are proud to offer our esteemed guests a memorable Business Class experience through our onboard service.  The unique arrangement was specifically designed for Air Malta and brought to life through ideas from the Maltese culture, landscape and maritime heritage. We wanted to bring out the typical colours and beauty of Malta with a touch of Maltese flavours.


Six colourful traditional Maltese tiles are being used as an underlay, while the tablecloth used was inspired by our natural sandstone.

A touch of our nautical traditions has been added by tying the napkin banderol with a reef knot made from jute cord.

We offer snacks and desserts in Maltese ceramic zingla bowls which come in various designs, colours and sizes. All zingla bowls are locally hand made.

The white mug with a Maltese cross is another unique eyecatcher.

All recipes have a touch of the Maltese cuisine. Traditional recipes using local products which were passed on through generations are the basis of our dishes. We also used touches of cuisine from our neighbouring countries which make the dishes even more versatile. 

Being an island, fish is one of the most popular protein used. However, beef and pork also feature in a few of the more  traditional Maltese dishes.

Maltese are very proud of their fresh traditional bread which is baked daily in a brown ceramic container and baked in a wooden Maltese oven.

Pleasant and easy drinking red and white wine made from locally grown grapes marries the cuisine effortlessly.

Economy In-flight Catering


We are proud to provide our Economy customers an in-flight catering service that includes meal deals at very competitive prices, a wide selection of popular snacks, and a variety of hot and cold drinks, focusing on quality and choice. Please click here to check our Buy on Board menu. One can also pre-order meals by clicking hereThese hand-made, freshly prepared food products are daily prepared by one of Malta’s most famous chefs, Neil Darmanin and are only available through Pre-order. This new service is available on all flights excluding Catania flights.  Guests will have the opportunity to taste some of our local produce and products, having a variety of food including vegetarian options *. Please note that on board we only accept cashless payments.

All our customers can also make use of our Sky Shop which is only available through pre-order. This new service is  available on all flights excluding Catania  , giving our guests the opportunity  to purchase items at a discount.  These will be handed over by the crew during your flight.  To see the full range, please check here

we cannot assure our guests that the cabin is free from food allergens.