Check in at the airport is available at all Air Malta destinations free of charge.

When you get to your departure airport and need to check in to your flight, locate our service desks in the departure terminal and our helpful check in staff will be ready to assist you by: 

  1. Checking you into your flight. You will also be provided with your seat number at this stage.
  2. Taking your checked in baggage
    Read more about baggage allowance
    How to check in baggage
  3. Providing you with your boarding pass to proceed   

Separate counters are available for Business Class and Economy passengers with the option to drop-off baggage at our counters for passengers using online or mobile check-in.

If you’re checking in at the airport, it’s crucial to plan ahead and get to the departure terminal in time. Check in counters at all airports open at least 2 hours before the schedule time of departure. This gives you enough time for checking in, going through security checks and boarding the plane.  
Here are some specific guidelines according to your airport of departure to ensure you check in with ease:

  • All Air Malta check in counters at airports will close 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure.
  • Check in for both Business Class and Economy passengers travelling to/from Tel Aviv, Tunis and Casablanca close 60 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure. 

Remember – Failing to check in to Air Malta flights in time or failing to arrive at the boarding gate in time, means that you will miss your flight. At that stage, Air Malta will not be liable for any losses or expenses incurred by your late arrival.