Transport in Malta is inexpensive and has been serving extensively both locals and tourists for years.

Though diminutive in size, the Maltese Islands operate quite an extensive public transport system that both locals and tourists can rely upon. While the Islands used to have both railway and tramway systems in place in the past, buses have become the main form of public transport in recent decades.

The transport in Malta offers a cheap and frequent service to many parts of Malta and Gozo including the main hubs of Valletta and Sliema, locals and tourists alike choose buses to get around the islands. The new service utilizes a new fleet of modern and air-conditioned buses that provide an efficient yet inexpensive transport system across an extensive network across the Maltese Islands.

Up until July 2011, several privately owned buses attracted many tourists to the islands due to their unique character.  Often seen as an iconic feature of the island, these privately owned buses were personally decorated and customised to make each and every bus incomparable.

The new system comes with a new set of benefits. It offers real time information screens, enhanced bus stops and many more interchange facilities. With many bus stops close to hotels, getting around the Maltese Islands by bus should be relatively hassle-free.

Airport Express
Four bus express services - X1, X2, X3 and X4 X5 and X7 - operate to get you directly to and from the airport. Luggage space and other comforts are available on these routes.

Gozo Bus Routes
Gozo is served by 10 bus routes which run hourly in each direction. The only exception is the 301 route between Victoria (Rabat) and Mgarr, the harbor village where the Gozo Ferry docks, which runs every 30 minute. Bus times are consistent for every day of the week throughout both the winter and summer seasons.

Gozo Ferry
Gozo is easy to reach from Malta. A regular ferry service carries passengers and cars between Malta and Gozo on a regular basis. The journey takes around 25 minutes. 

Learn more about the local bus routes by visiting  the Malta Public transport official website.