With over 7,000 years wrapped in 300 square kilometres, the Maltese Islands boast of a history that is crammed with remnants from past rulers. 

Comprising a number of islands with the largest being MaltaGozo and Comino, the Archipelago also features smaller islands; namely Cominotto, Filfla, St Paul’s Islands and Manoel Island, which are uninhabited.

Found right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Islands have an immense repertoire of prehistoric temples and sites that include Roman ruins, Norman and medieval buildings as well as baroque architecture that have injected the islands with a fusion of culture, traditions and history.

Presenting a contrasting assortment of landscapes and localities, the Islands provide various attractions that range from historical to religious and family fun. Plenty of sandy and rocky beaches and bays adorn the Maltese coastlines, making it easy to enjoy a refreshing swim. Combined with the splendid weather, the allure of the Maltese Islands’ clear waters attracts droves of tourists annually for snorkeling and diving.