Climbing in Gozo

Gozo offers an ideal location for climbing with a range of beautiful and challenging coastal cliffs as well as a temperate climate.



Gozo’s small size and craggy coastline make it perfect for rock-climbers. If you’re planning a climb, time is on your side. The best destinations that the island has to offer are all very accessible. But best of all, Gozo offers a wide range of climbing spots suitable for beginners and advanced climbers alike.

Thanks to the island’s temperate climate, climbers can enjoy the best that Gozo has to offer all year round. Although activity tends to lessen significantly in the Summer, the mild Winter climate means that you can plan a climbing holiday in Gozo even in the middle of Winter. While rain remains a possibility, Autumn, Winter and Spring are generally characterised by bright sunny days. And if you’re really up for a climb in Summer, you can always seek out a climbing spot on the North of the island, such as Wied il-Għasri or Wied il-Mielah.

Deep water soloing is gaining in popularity around the island of Gozo, and the many coastal cliffs (there are no inland bodies of water) provide an excellent opportunity for this version of the sport.

If you prefer bolted climbs, you’ll find these on offer throughout the Maltese archipelago. Although the use of bolts is still a contentious issue, the climbing community has implemented a number of bolted climbs and you can find these on their own and mixed with non-bolted climbs. Note that you’ll need to check beforehand as bolting may be prohibited for that particular route.

For more information, contact the Malta Rock Climbing Club.  The club also publishes an excellent guide book for the Maltese Archipelago