With a small cultural community, representations of the arts and culture are sometimes hard to spot in Malta and Gozo, but a closer look shows that cultural events are waiting at every corner.

Sure there’s plenty of culture to be found during carnival week and summer festas but what is it that Gozitans thrive on throughout the rest of the year?
While numerous cultural events take place during the year to promote culture, such events tend to focus on traditional aspects of Gozitan culture, such as għana and lace making. Yet Gozitan individuals have taken it upon themselves to build their own platforms on which to showcase their work. This has led to a shift towards more contemporary crafts in Maltese and Gozitan culture.

Here are three new avenues where Gozitan culture is currently growing:

The Theatre  

The capital’s theatres, Teatru Astra and Teatru Aurora, are just two of Gozo’s performance spaces that are bustling with singers, musicians, dancers and thespians every week of the year. Music, dance, and opera remain to be crowd pleasers in Gozo, where enthusiasts congregate to enjoy vibrant and professional performances from the islands’ top entertainers. 

The Art Scene  

With Gozo’s stunning views and rich history it’s no surprise that the visual arts continue to flourish. New and upcoming Gozitan artists whose art may take the form of paintings, graphic design, sculpture and photography have emerged and taken the Maltese art scene by storm. A number of exhibitions also take place throughout the year in Gozo to celebrate local art, as well as art that was inspired by the Maltese isles.

The Fashion Show  

Maltese and Gozitan fashion has been on the rise lately as locals have taken a more hands-on approach to the garments industry. This resurgence has seen numerous fashion shows, the launch of independent fashion designers and the opening of luxury boutiques. A number of these fashion entrepreneurs have hailed from Gozo and delivered impressive work in fashion design and fashion blogging.