Air Malta Goes For Quality, Choice and Freshness in New In-flight Catering

10 July 2018

Date:  Tuesday, 10th July 2018

Ref:     075-2018 EN

Air Malta Goes For Quality, Choice and Freshness in New In-flight Catering

Air Malta will introduce a brand new Economy Class in-flight catering service as from Thursday 12th July 2018. This is part of the growth strategy announced last September which included a total change and improvement of the inflight service and experience.

“By listening to passenger feedback across various channels, it became evident that our guests prefer a choice of good quality snacks. In line with how the airline business has developed, our guests want better quality and a wider selection. The buy on board concept is the second phase of the new Air Malta product initiated with the introduction of Go-Light last year. We retained the snack in the interim period while we developed the new service”, said Paul Sies, Air Malta’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“The buy on board concept is now standard for nearly all European airlines and has changed the way airlines serve inflight catering especially on short-haul flights. We have engaged the services of local and foreign experts in this project. After extensive research and consumer testing we believe we have found the right selection which we are launching today. We are confident that through this new choice we will cater for everyone’s tastes and hope to bring our on-board service to a higher level. The menu will change seasonally based on our passenger’s feedback,” added Dr Mangion.

“Today’s launch is another step forward for Air Malta and a welcome improvement in inflight service. This development is part of a series of upgrades that the airline is currently working on that will also include an upgraded Business Class product being developed as we speak. This upgrade will include a new first-class inflight menu that will remain complimentary for business class passengers. This initiative is part of a holistic project aimed at putting the airline back on its feet and forms part of the Government of Malta’s growth strategy for the airline,” said Dr Konrad Mizzi, Minister for Tourism.

A selection of over 70 quality food and drink items will be available for purchase on board Air Malta flights. For the first time guests will have the option to pay by credit card or cash, a facility which was not offered previously. The airline focused on choosing reputable brands and quality products to suit its guests’ tastes coming from various countries. Depending on the length of the route, Air Malta will also offer a selection of fresh and hot food items, which have been specially prepared by one of Malta’s most respected chefs.

Pictures show Air Malta savouring the airline’s new economy class inflight product.

Attachment: Air Malta’s latest inflight menu.

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