Malta presents a perfect destination for children.

If you’re planning your trip to Malta, here’s a great place to start your research. Visiting Malta with  kids is a guaranteed fun family holiday. Packed with interesting places to visit whatever your children's age. As with all events in which kids are involved, planning is fundamental. Malta greatly facilitates your planning work as it offers a safe destination with a warm climate and a large amount of child-friendly areas to include in your visit itinerary.

Let’s make sure you have your basics covered:

  • Book early: If you’re visiting the islands in their most popular period (May to September) make sure to book your flights to Malta in advance. This will allow you to select the best room and rates to accommodate the needs of your family. If you’ve never travelled with kids before, then you might be surprised to learn that the last-minute approach works less effectively if you have demanding kids who are impatient as you scour the roads searching for accommodation options.
  • Plan around the weather: Malta’s weather is generally warm and pleasant. This means that you’ll probably want to pack light, breathable clothes and bathing costumes. For the winter months pack layers so you can adapt based on the changing climate. In general ensure you always have sunscreen and water-bottles to hydrate your loved ones.
  • Weight on the go: Malta’s size and geography is a great advantage. You won’t experience long treks in the wilderness and so you don’t need to be weighed down by several kilos of unnecessary equipment.  Generally a simple haversack can contain most of your kids’ needs including snacks, a cap, water bottles, sunscreen and some games. If possible use a hand-held, foldable carrycot or pram which can be easily stowed away on public transport or at your Hotel. 
  • Kids and AirMalta: Travelling with children on AirMalta is easy. We’ve devised some pleasant surprises for you including free baggage weight allocation and free buggy carriage. Click here to learn more about these options.
  • Activities & Games: Malta is full of interesting child-friendly activities both on land and at sea. Researching these early will allow you to draft an activity itinerary while still at home – this site is a great resource from where to start. Share this with your kids and once in Malta, encourage them to keep a travel journal in which they can document their experiences. 

With these basics in order you’re already well on the way to enjoying a pleasant, warm holiday with your children in Malta.