Tips for using Air Malta Online Check-In

Are you having difficulties using web check-in on To help you out, we've compiled a list of tips that you should consider when using this service. 

Note: All the items listed on this page apply solely to passengers using web check-in from Malta, Catania, London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Moscow Sheremetyevo.

  • Passengers’ name and surname must be typed exactly as they appear on the booking confirmation, including any hyphens.  This is particularly important in the case of double-barrelled surnames.
  • If passenger has a second name (for example “Peter Paul”) in some cases, the booking system will combine the two names. To avoid problems during web check-in, type the full name as is on the booking confirmation.
  • The default Departure City is set as “Catania.” You should ensure that the Departure City of the flight you are checking-in for is correctly reflected.
  • Air Malta's reservation codes include only letters, while travel agent codes will vary. If your reservation code contains numbers, simply type your flight number (KM----) and leave booking confirmation code field empty.
  • If your flight leaves before midnight of the same day, choose “today” before clicking “continue.” You can choose “tomorrow” if the flight leaves after “midnight.”
  • If you are shown a “flight not available” message, this means the flight is not yet open for check- in for operational reasons, NOT that there was a flight cancellation.
  • When you are selecting the seat numbers, keep in mind that children below 12 years of age cannot be checked-in on seats within exit rows (10, 12, 13). This also applies for passengers requesting special assistance. Also, keep in mind that once you've been checked in you can't change seats again.
  • Infants (children who are younger than 2 years) must have the same surname as adults on the same trip otherwise web check-in is not possible.
  • It is currently not possible to use web check-in for flight KM1309 (Catania-Malta), sa this is stopover for flights which depart from Munich.
  • You can easily reprint your boarding pass if it is misplaced. If the system generates an error during this operation, simply untick the “reprint” box and tick it again before retrying.

If you still have questions, or your case is not covered in the above, you can:  

  • Send us an email by using the contact form and choosing "web/mobile check-in issues" from the dropdown menu.  While we will answer you as soon as possible, this usually takes a few working days in order for the team to investigate. 
  • Go to your departure airport in time before your flight so you can check-in at an Air Malta desk. Learn more here: Checking-in at the Airport
  • Let us know by sending a message to our Facebook page.  The above tips have been compiled with the help of users like you who have reported their concerns. By doing so you help us to quickly investigate and work with our suppliers to solve any technical problems on an ongoing basis. Thank you in advance!