In addition to scheduled services between Malta and major gateways in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Air Malta also operates an extensive charter programme.

Inclusive-tour Air Malta charter flights are operated on behalf of the leading European tour operators out of major holiday airports but especially out of regional airports, bringing Malta closer to the homes of thousands of tourists. In addition, consolidation charters are programmed specifically to cater for the small/medium-size tour operators who otherwise would not take the risk of chartering a whole aircraft. Air Malta is recognised as a pioneer in this field, thus enhancing its leadership role in the Maltese tourism industry.

Ad hoc charter opportunities are professionally catered for, bringing out the best in know-how and flexibility from all departments.

The esteem of major tour operator clients towards Air Malta charters has been won through dedication to prompt and efficient service from the moment an enquiry is first received until our esteemed clients return home. Many a complimentary communication from passengers and International Awards for Best Operational Performance and Services, testify to this.

For more information, phone (356) 22 999 145, any Air Malta Outstations or send us an e-mail