Roaming from Rome-a Day Trip to Tivoli

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Rome is already an incredible destination in its own right, however should you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the Italian capital, here’s a day trip to the historic town of Tivoli you really shouldn’t miss.


Words by Air Malta | Extract taken from October's 2020 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here



All it requires is just a one-hour north easterly trip from Rome to the quaint town of Tivoli to dive headfirst into two of the most impressive sites within Italy’s Lazio region, Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este. Many visitors like to combine both of these villas into one day instead of two-day trips from Rome, and it is possible to do so.



A history buffs haven, Hadrian’s Villa features a spectacular, expansive complex of 30 ancient Roman buildings that were erected during the second century by Emperor Hadrian as a tranquil getaway to retreat from the lively capital of Rome. Here, visitors can embrace a snapshot into the decadence of ancient Rome when you walk along the 250 acres of marble pavements, palaces, theatres, libraries, baths, temples and private quarters that once housed royal guardsman, attendants and slaves.


If you revel in formal perfectly manicured gardens, Villa d’Este is an absolute must-see. Situated on the opposite side of Frascati from Hadrian’s Villa, this stunning estate features a spectacular mansion, but it is the luscious gardens that most visitors come to experience. What makes these historic gardens particularly enthralling is the Renaissance approach of combining unique waterworks and artistic features into the beautiful landscape.



Stroll along winding and labyrinth-like paths that offer a pleasant surprise at every turn such as musical fountains, elegant statues, frescoed rooms and breathtaking waterfalls. If you can pull yourself away from the magnetism of the gardens, you will also find quaint little cafe and boutiques along the narrow winding streets of this charming villa.




By train, you can reach the offerings of Tivoli in as little as 34 minutes, although some travel options will take around an hour to an hour and a half, either way, it is doable when staying in Rome. Positively, the journey is very inexpensive, and a ticket can cost you less than 4 euros one way. Villa Gregoriana is situated just a short stroll from Tivoli train station, if you want to visit the other villas, you will need to take a bus. Don’t worry as these connections are well sign posted. This does make it tricky to explore more than two of the Villas out of the three in just a day.


The majority of visitors decide to opt for a tour to both Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este in one day. This allows them to explore the ruins without having to worry about understanding bus times. Why not book a guided tour? The commentary will detail all you need to know about the fantastic villas and their extensive history.