Diving in Malta - Discover the underwater world of the Mediterranean

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Visit the beautiful islands of Malta to experience the various diving sites. Discover more here!

Malta is an island situated bang in the middle of the Mediterranean, therefore providing us with countless locations for boating, water sports and diving. With its rocky seascapes, wrecks and various caves around the island, diving in Malta has become increasingly popular. We've picked out three great locations for you to explore so book flights to Malta and discover the majestic underwater views in the sizzling summer sun!

The Santa Maria caves, in the North of Comino are some of the most magnificent caves to explore. This location is very popular due to the fact that it offers a variety of underwater diving experiences. These caves offer a series of deep underwater tunnels, along with a delightful view of the elegant shade of blue sea from the entrance. But that's not all. This location was used during the filming of the movie, 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Visit the diving site for yourself to enjoy a true underwater experience. Don’t forget to bring your water-proof cameras along to capture the impeccable sights.

Diving in Malta  Air Malta

Another prominent diving location is the inland sea & tunnel situated in Dwejra, Gozo. If the weather conditions are favourable, be sure not to miss this diving location. It is vital to note that boats will be constantly moving above the divers, however we assure you that it is not a safety hazard due to the depth of the site, however it is advised to visit the location with an experienced diver.

Lastly, divers must also check out the P29 in Cirkewwa. This is a man-made sight, where divers will discover a 51 meter sunken patrol boat. This wreck is found approximately 150 meters from the coast of the Cirkewwa Point. This sunken minesweeper is a stunning sight to check out where you will view various underwater flora and fauna. The P29 is indeed eye-candy. Again, it is advised to explore the sight accompanied by an experienced diver.

The Maltese islands are an ideal location to visit during the summertime especially if you are into sea-life. Be sure to check out the various diving schools along with their diving packages for the ultimate experience. Pack your bags and visit these beautiful locations this summer!