Your Delicious Monthly Recipe - Miso Butter Crusted Cotoletta

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Extract taken from January's 2023 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Our cotoletta dish has been on the menu since we opened our doors, eventually becoming one of our signature dishes. The idea behind it was to use a classic recipe popular in Italy and northern Europe but giving it a SAMIZU twist. For this we use miso butter to give the veal more moisture and that umami flavour. The success of it is also due to the sourcing of the main protein which is Dutch Veal, milk fed, making it milder in taste but super tender.


The dish is served with a sunny side up egg on top of the cotoletta, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. We also offer the option of serving it with fillets of Angelachu anchovies from the Cantabria Region in Spain; these are not your everyday anchovies, they are hand selected and are incredibly delicious.


Miso butter crusted cotoletta



400g milk fed veal chop

50g miso butter

Panko breadcrumbs (for coating)

100g asparagus, cleaned and blanched

80g buttery mashed potatoes

1 sunny side up egg

2 fillets Angelachu anchovies (optional)



Veal is prepped and flattened slightly with a mallet. The miso butter paste is prepped and applied to the veal. This included a mix of flour, eggs, breadcrumbs and miso. The cutlet is first fried till golden brown, then put in the oven and finished to the desired cooking temperature. Chef recommends medium!


Asparagus is grilled whilst the veal in the oven. Once veal is out of the oven, this is rested, and in the meantime a sunny side up egg is prepared.


To plate, a nice portion of mashed potatoes is placed on the plate. The cotoletta is nestled on top of the mash, and finished off with the asparagus on the side and fried egg on top.


To taste one may add anchovies on top of the fried egg!