Six Top Sights in November!

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Extract taken from November's 2022 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Tigné Point

Home to the Tigné Fort which is currently undergoing renovation and a rocky beach, this peninsula in Sliema offers a majestic view of Valletta especially at dusk. It has experienced extensive redevelopment work and the opening of the largest shopping mall in Malta called “The Point” - perfect for all those last-minute souvenirs.



Teatru Salesjan

A theatre whose origins date back to 1908, it is part of a bigger oratory which acts as a hub of activity for people of all ages. Teatru Salesjan is the oldest existing theatre in the vicinity and one of the oldest operating theatres in Malta. The venue has been an active focus for local creativity for many generations and retains its primary mission as a community theatre.



Independence Gardens

The Independence Gardens are a scenic park and recreation area located near the coastal strip of Sliema on the island of Malta, almost on the border with the neighbouring town of St Julian’s. The park has plenty of greenery, equipped with walking paths and plenty of places to sit back with a good book or watch the world go by. There are children’s playgrounds, cafes and a fountain.



Roman Baths [Fond Ghadir]

The baths are cut into the rock beneath the ideally situated Surfside restaurant and have been supplied with pool ladders for safety. Although they are named the Roman Baths, they are thought to only date as far back as the Victorian era, but they are still just as enjoyable! Make sure you wear suitable shoes, if you plan to swim, due to the rough terrain.



Stella Maris Parish Church

Stella Maris Parish Church is located in the heart of Sliema. The church dates back to 1878. If you are interested in beautiful neoclassical architecture, make sure you pay a visit. The church was built at the end of the 19th century when Sliema was still a small village. It is the oldest Church in the area and at the same time, it is a mother church or a “matrice” for other parish churches in Sliema and Gżira vicinity.



Balluta Buildings

Built in the 1920's, the Balluta Buildings were constructed in the Art Nouveau style, designed by the architect Giuseppe Psaila. The building's name is derived from the oak trees (in Maltese: ballut) that once populated the gardens around the original site. These luxurious apartments are sought after, having  a large footprint, traditional tiles and stunning ironwork on the facade.