On the trail of Gozo’s old bakeries

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You cannot visit Gozo without tasting the traditional Gozitan ftira, the traditional pizza made from unleavened dough and topped up with delicious, local ingredients. Whether you like a salty one with anchovies, one with fresh goat cheeselets, or any of the other varieties, there are few things that can compare to a freshly-baked ftira just out of the traditional fire furnace.

Here we’re looking at Gozo’s oldest bakeries (strictly listed in alphabetical order) that serve this delight and a choice of other savouries and sweet confections.


Words by Visitgozo / Ministry for Gozo | Extract taken from October's 2021 il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read More here


1. Maxokk in Nadur

Right in the core of Nadur village, Maxokk Bakery is one that nowadays is completely dedicated to the ftira and the pizza. In fact, their name, Maxokk, is now like a household name on the island.  Their menu offers a variety of no less than 11 ftiras including tuna, local sausage and local cheeselets.

St. James Street, Nadur



2. Mekren in Nadur

It would be such a pity to miss Mekren on your way to the beautiful Ramla bay. The family bakery is located on the main street that leads to Gozo’s favourite beach and once inside you can choose from traditional ftiras, pizzas, qassatat and bread! If you’re lucky you might stumble in when they’ve just taken out the traditional bread pudding out of the oven. Now that’s a treat!

Tal-Hanaq Street, Nadur


3. Ta’ Kampnari Bakery

In the heart of the old city centre, Ta’ Kampnari Bakery is another family bakery tucked away behind St. George’s Basilica that has recently opened up again in the authentic surroundings of Victoria’s old alleyways. Simply follow the whiff of freshly baked bread until you end up by their door. From lampuki pies to the traditional ftira and pizzas, at Ta’ Kampnari Bakery you can sit down and enjoy tucking into your treat!

Off St. George’s Square, Victoria.


4. Ta’ Saminu Bakery

Located in Xewkija, Ta’ Saminu Bakery is another old-time village bakery.  The smell of bread is divine and you’ll always find a delectable choice of ftira. The afternoon rewards visitors with the traditional sweet bread rings with sesame, and the air is filled with an irresistible smell of authentic baking goodness that is only found in Gozo!

 Soil Street, Xewkija.


5. Tal-Mulejja Bakery Qala

If you’re in Qala, take note of this particular bakery belonging to the Buttigieg family. Time seems to have stopped still here and it’s literally like taking a peek into the past, except for the fact that the smell of bread will jolt you back to your senses!

Triq il-Forn, Qala.