Kinnie Spritz - The new 4% ABV alcoholic aperitivo

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Kinnie - Malta’s much-loved soft drink, earlier this year ventured into new and exciting adult territory with the launch of Kinnie Spritz, a 4% ABV alcoholic aperitivo made from Italian wine and bitter herbal liqueur. 


Words by Farsons | Extract taken from November's 2021 il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Building on Kinnie’s inherent mixability and classic bittersweet flavour, Kinnie Spritz is set to offer consumers a whole new aperitivo experience that will delight both Kinnie and non-Kinnie drinkers. Blended with a unique mix of natural bitters and botanicals and Italian sparkling wine from the Veneto region, Kinnie Spritz has been created as a ‘Ready to Drink’ light alcoholic aperitivo. Kinnie Spritz can be enjoyed at the bar or restaurant as a pre-dinner aperitivo, or at home complemented with light snacks and nibbles.


Following years of in-house research and development, Kinnie Spritz has a distinct retro look and is packed exclusively in a bespoke 25cl glass bottle and 4-pack format for the retail segment, setting it apart from its non-alcoholic Classic range.


Pour a chilled Kinnie Spritz over a goblet full of ice, garnish it with a slice of orange and enjoy responsibly.


About Kinnie

Kinnie is a non-alcoholic soft drink with a distinctive taste that has remained unchanged since 1952. Its uniquely bittersweet, orange flavour contrasts with a secret blend of aromatic herbs to tantalise the taste buds. It is delicious on its own or as a mixer with your favourite alcoholic spirits, always best served with a slice of orange. The range also includes Diet Kinnie – a sugar-free alternative, and Kinnie Zest, with enhanced orange flavour and no added sugar.