Five Adventure Activities to Try in Gozo

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Injecting excitement and inspiration into life is essential, especially when it comes after a period when many have been confined indoors. Gozo is the best place for adventure holidays. Apart from the historic, the cultural, the religious, and the quaint, Gozo has also been recognised as a natural, outdoor playground that provides exhilarating adventure experiences on so many fronts.


Words by VISITGOZO / MINISTRY FOR GOZO | Extract taken from September's 2022 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here 



Here’s a list of five Gozo adventures you can enjoy whilst on the island. These adventure excursions are all happening on documentarystyle majestic backdrops. One tip for photography enthusiasts: make sure you don’t forget your largest SD cards at home!


1. Bike adventure tour

Gozo is a small island. However, you’ll find that the varied topography has contributed to making some amazing bicycle routes with uphill beats and descents that follow the hills and valleys. Rent a bike from any of the several outlets. In moments, you’ll be paddling off on a solo bike tour or maybe with your family or friends.



2. Abseiling and rock climbing

Dissecting the cliffs and crags, both inland or around the coast, Gozo’s abseiling, rock climbing and bouldering scene is set both for the novice and the more advanced adventure-seeker. Make sure you mark adventure valleys such as Ħondoq, Dwejra and Ta’ Ċenc.



3. Hiking

Cycling and abseiling might not be for everyone, but hiking and Nordic walking is. Set your own pace and stop whenever you want. Hiking is an easy way of exploring the island. Even among seniors, hiking can be part of the mix of adventure holidays in Gozo. Such an adventure excursion will lift your mood as you follow paths along the Gozitan countryside, the villages and around the coast.


4. Segway tours

Immerse yourself in the surroundings without lifting a foot. Segway is yet an easier way to move around the island. It is also ideal for families and people of all ages. Head off to the countryside, zip along tracks and discover the island. Segway is also an environmentallyfriendly adventure holiday activity!



5. Diving

The magical underwater world awaits. Gozo needs no introduction to the diving world. Certified PADI diving centres, diving instructors, and the courses aimed at all levels that are available on the island, ensure that Gozo is a hub for a diving adventure. Divers can bring their own gear or hire all that is needed for a Gozo diving adventure holiday from the diving shops.


In Gozo, it’s always adventure time. While many associate adventures with the young in search of adrenaline thrills, Gozo also provides easier adventures that allow one to breathe easy again. After all, not everyone finds extreme sports and hair-raising adventures their favourite cup of ‘leisure’. In any case, it is easy to join specialised adventure holidays focusing on one activity like diving or else engage in an adventure tour that tackles a variety of activities. As with all adventure sports, it is important to ensure that you have experienced people in your team that will guarantee your safety.


Wallowing by the pool and sipping cocktails is not for everyone. If you’re after releasing endorphins then a Gozo holiday adventure is like an elixir that simply screams – it’s good to be alive!!