First time visitor to the island of Gozo? Must see, must do

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Never been to the island of Gozo? It’s only a 25-minute ferry ride away from Malta and it offers many things to do! Do allocate a few days for exploring Malta’s gorgeous sister island and make sure you engage in the following activities:


Words by Visitgozo / Ministry for Gozo | Extract taken from August's 2021 il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read More here


Enter the Citadel

In medieval times, when the people lived scattered in little hamlets in the countryside, the walls of the Citadel were the major defence system and the inhabitants rushed to shelter every time the pirates landed on the island. Explore the narrow cobbled streets, discover the Gozo Cathedral and the interesting silos all within the walls. And naturally take in the view from the ramparts.



Enjoy the many bays, beaches and coves

Now that we’re well into summer, the call of the sea is difficult to resist - there are many beaches to discover and all are unique in their own way. We suggest you indulge in some of the water sports available. From diving to kayaking, snorkelling and thrilling jet-skis, this is a world for those who love the adventure.

Explore the Inland Sea and Tunnel at Dwejra

Without doubt the coastal area of Dwejra and the Inland Sea is a fascinating place. In times gone by, the Inland Sea, a lagoon that’s linked with the sea via a cave, was a typical fishermen’s cove as can be seen from the huts surrounding the Inland Sea. Today this area is a favourite diving and water sports location.

Discover Gozo’s own little fjord – Wied il-Għasri

Another breath-taking inlet to visit is Wied il-Għasri. This ravine with the cliffs on both sides forms a narrow and secluded pebbly bay that can only be reached via a steep staircase chiselled out of the face in the rock.

Be awed at Ġgantija Temples

Hungry for some ancient history? Then you need to visit Ġgantija Temples. Older than the pyramids and Stonehenge, these prehistoric temples constructed from gigantic boulders are truly impressive.


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