Fascinating coastal towers to visit in Malta

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Explore the towers that surround Malta’s coast, whilst taking in the magnificent panoramas that these viewpoints have to offer. Discover the best ones here!

If you’re planning your holidays in Malta, make sure to dedicate some time wandering around some of the island’s beautiful coastal towers, which have stood the test of time since the 17th century. Malta is a country with many hidden gems and a lot to offer to everyone, especially those who are partial to a bit of history. Explore the towers that surround the coast of Malta, whilst taking in the magnificent panoramas that these viewpoints have to offer. Are you ready to experience the magic?

St. Agatha's Tower

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St. Agatha’s Tower is located in Mellieħa and is also well-known as The Red Tower. Its design is one of the most striking out of all the Maltese towers, and its surroundings are unsurpassed in terms of beauty. St. Agatha’s overlooks Għadira Bay as well as a nature reserve and the surrounding settlements. In good visibility, Gozo and Comino can also be spotted from up here! 

But why was it painted red? Legend says that it was painted that particular hue so it could be easily spotted by sentinels from Naxxar and Mdina. 

Għajn Tuffieħa Tower

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Overlooking both Golden Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa, this remarkable tower sits at the top of the northwest coast of Malta. Visitors may even recognise it as being one of the locations where the famous movie ‘Troy’ was filmed. Għajn Tuffieħa tower is one of the most striking towers to look for whilst visiting the island and its rugged, coastal backdrop makes it the perfect place to take some awesome Instagram shots. Don’t miss your chance of having a romantic walk whilst enjoying the sunset, because from this tower the views are simply spectacular. 

Ħamrija Tower

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Ħamrija tower is located in Qrendi and it’s one of the towers that was restored as part of Malta’s cultural heritage programme.  A small watchtower situated on a steep cliff, it was once one of the key lookout points for defending medieval Malta. From its position, you can take in the wonderful views of the uninhabited island of Filfla, as well as check out the interesting rock formations in the bay below. 

Xlendi Tower

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The oldest free-standing coastal watchtower in Gozo will give you excellent views and an interesting look into the history of the smaller sister island of Malta. Built during the reign of Grand Master Lascaris in 1650, it was designed to defend Xlendi bay from smugglers and pirates, and it remains today as a reminder of the area’s dramatic past. Don’t miss the opportunity to soak up some history along with some truly beautiful sights.

Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply one who loves a relaxing walk and stunning sea views, putting these coastal towers on your agenda when in Malta will not disappoint. Book flights to Malta now and get ready to step back into the country’s captivating past!