5 Hidden Beaches In Gozo To Visit This Summer

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Gozo is a paradise for beach lovers, especially due to its hidden beaches. Discover some glorious beaches that you might end up having all to yourself!

Many people visit Malta but don’t dedicate time to visit the smaller, sister island of Gozo. This is a big mistake because what Gozo might lack in size, it surely makes up for it in terms of history, scenery, and glorious beaches. If you are spending your holidays in Malta this year, be sure to hop on the ferry to Gozo and explore some of these 5 hidden beaches- you won’t be disappointed!

Għajn Barrani

Ghajn Barrani hidden beaches gozo

Image Copyright: Visit Gozo

Located between the cliffs of Marsalforn and Ramla l-Ħamra lies the idyllic Barrani beach. A Natura 2000 site due to the fresh water springs that are located nearby, it is the perfect spot to relax and unwind away from some of the busier beaches.

Bamberin Beach

A popular place for diving, Bamberin is primarily accessible by boat and it rewards intrepid explorers with stunning aquamarine water and mysterious caves. Whilst you can get there on foot, in the heat of the summer sun, it is a bit of a trek and you might end up getting there and not having the energy (or the desire) to go back!

Ta’ Gorgun

Just around the corner from Mġarr and its harbour is Fort Chambray, where you can find the secret beach of Ta’ Gorgun. Lined with pine tree groves, this is a truly secluded spot where you can swim and unwind in peace.

Mistra Rocks

This is a small rocky cove that is framed by steep limestone cliffs. Indeed, this is a rather rough terrain area, making it almost impossible to access it in any other way than on foot. Having said this, this area is often deemed a walker’s paradise,  ultimately offering visitors  some of the most tranquil bathing spots on the whole island. Pack your snorkel to make sure you are able to explore the shallow, yet dazzling waters and be sure to stay to watch the sunset in the early evening. 

San Filep Bay

San Filep hidden beaches Gozo Image Copyright: Visit Gozo

Just a few minutes’ walk from Mistra Rocks, you can also find this small cove, easiest to access if you get to Dahlet Qorrot. A small beach where lots of fallen boulders have created the perfect spot for lying out in the sun and catching a tan. The area is really popular with amateur fishermen and there is a great selection of flora and fauna in the vicinity.

No visit to Malta is complete without a trip to Gozo and whilst you are there, you must be sure to take in some of these hidden beaches. Of course, always be extra cautious in such rocky areas and beware of any rip currents and strong waves! Ideally, you explore such hidden areas with a travel buddy. Whilst the popular beaches are good for amenities and accessibility, sometimes by venturing off the beaten track a bit, you can explore a whole new world. Book flights to Malta and explore these charming hidden beaches first-hand!