Malta offers a safe and picturesque environment which lends itself well for walking and trekking with children​

Thanks to the varying distances in Malta, parents can easily plan short treks or longer multi-day expeditions depending on the age and ability of their children.

As with any other sport there are a number of considerations:

  1. Weather: Malta presents perfect weather conditions for walking . The weather is stable and typical of a central Mediterranean country. While the summer months are warmer, the winter months are mild and generally pleasant. If walking with kids, carry along some water (especially in July and August) as dehydration is a common cause of fatigue and possibly injury.
  2. Gear: As with any sporting activity, the right gear will provide you with a more comfortable experience. In general the two key things to keep in mind are the use of sun-screen if you plan prolonged durations in the sun and good footwear for your family if you are planning a trek on uneven terrain. Read our article about gearing up for walking and trekking in Malta here.
  3. Planning: When walking or trekking with kids, route planning is of critical importance. Ensure you select a route which is not too laborious or long. Always calculate distances based on the pace and ability of your weakest family member. If you wish a leisurely walk we recommend you consider our Rabat walk or our Buskett walk. Stop often and allow the kids to look at the view or play with friendly animals on the route.
  4. Education: Whenever possible try to impart information about the geology and places of historical relevance along your route. This information keeps children entertained and adds a layer of educational interest to your activity. You can join group excursions or participate in any of the events organized by the various walking and trekking societies in Malta .
  5. Babies or very young kids: If your kids are younger than four, it may not be a good idea to take them on long expeditions. It’s probably best to consider an activity in a single outdoor location and carry along extra snacks and plenty of water. If kids are in a pram or stroller ensure they are protected from the sun with a hat or visor, and in the cooler months with layers of clothing.

Kids love drawing what they see and Malta abounds with inspiration. Bring along colorful pens and loads of paper and ask your children to draw the various places they visit. It’s wonderful how well children bring out the brilliant colours of Malta.