Are you a novice or a professional golfer? Malta’s year-round sunshine offers the perfect setting for complete relaxation and sport.

With its temperate climate, Malta is excellent for the golfing enthusiast both amateur and professional. The island boasts year-round sunshine and no snow, sleet, fog, or other types of inclement weather. At most, winter brings the odd rainfall, but even these are more like short bursts rather than grass drenching, golf-denying downpours.

The island has a long and regal golfing history. The Royal Malta Golf Club (RMGC) counts the then Duke of Edinburgh as one of its founding members in the late 1800s. The sport properly took hold at the beginning of the 20th century when the RMGC moved to its present location within the Marsa sports grounds.

While Malta currently has only one course, the Marsa Golf Course is a great place to spend a short golfing holiday. The 18-hole course can be played through by novices while still providing an adequate challenge for more experienced players. For the regular players, a membership is the best bet, providing you with access to the course and the club facilities. Equipment rental, including clubs, carts, and balls, is also available.

The RMGC organises a number of tournaments throughout the year, including weekend tournaments, women’s competitions, and tournaments for juniors.