Test your competitive spirit in an idyllic setting with fine weather in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Discover the most prominent sports in Malta.Fine weather and the Maltese competitive spirit make for an ideal sporting destination. From golf to water polo, football to tennis, Malta’s sporting facilities will leave you breathless, literally. 

If you prefer activities of a less competitive nature, there’s still an abundance of choice. Try hiking across the unspoilt hills of Gozo, or scuba-diving on one of the many wrecks and beautiful reefs that surround the islands.

If you’re more of the armchair type, Malta offers a unique environment to watch major international sporting events. There’s the world-renowned Rolex Middle Sea Yacht race, a prestigious affair where onlookers take up positions along the bastions to see the beautiful craft sail out at the crack of the starting cannon. 

If you prefer a little more noise, Malta offers football fans an unforgettable experience. Anytime a crucial match is being played, whether it’s World Cup qualifiers, Premier League, Serie A, or the ultimate: World Cup finals, every bar, pub and restaurant on the island will be showing the game. Fans of top national teams like Italy, Brazil, England, Germany and Argentina will be in for an extra treat – the local population has a dedicated fan-base for these teams and when they win, fans rush out into the streets in full force, hooting their horns and waving flags!