The warm blue seas of the Maltese islands invite divers and snorkeling enthusiasts to experience the rich marine life and underwater locations often rated as being the best in Europe.​

Snorkeling in Malta

When on holiday in Malta you can snorkel every day as locations are often within walking distance and no site is ever more than 30 minutes away from most hotels on the island. Due to their crystal clear waters the bays of Golden Bay , Hondoq ir-Rummien in Gozo, Paradise Bay (near the departure point of the Gozo Ferry), Gnejna , St. Paul’s Bay, Siggiewi’s Ghar Lapsi , or Comino’s Blue Lagoon  are considered to be top snorkeling locations.
Due to the popularity of the activity, snorkeling gear is easy to come by in Malta and you can buy or hire a flotation device from most stores. If you want a guided snorkeling adventure most local diving teams will gladly swim with you and name the flora and fish that lie within our seas. Such a guide may come handy as Malta’s rock beaches present caves and caverns with unique topography which should be explored with a trained guide.

Diving in Malta

Malta presents a diversity of diving opportunities to the novice and expert alike. Most diving sites are only a few minutes apart from each other and offer an exciting mix of historical wrecks, high-visibility dives, varied marine life as well as an excellent safety reputation through the hard work of local diving centres.

Diving excursions are common and you can easily rent out all the kit you need to get going. Look out for family specials often advertised at diving centres if you’re considering organising a fun-day out for all the family. Excursions provide an amazing day at sea and local staff are friendly and helpful. The occasional barracuda, moray eel, octopus or sea turtle will join your adventure giving you a great opportunity to immortalize this moment with your underwater photo-gear.

The Maltese sea is a dream for divers: with 28 degree temperatures in Summer and three islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) to explore, you certainly won’t regret planning your next diving holiday in Malta.

Favourite snorkeling locations in Malta:





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