Malta is a shopper’s dream. Presenting you with a variety of shops that cater for every budget, you will be spoiled for choice.

Every holiday ends the same way – a frantic struggle to close a suitcase that was clearly not designed to contain the sheer volume of possessions you’ve acquired over the past week. Nevertheless, you soldier on - while your spouse sits on the suitcase, you pull on the zipper with all your strength, turning different shades of red in the process. Was it worth it? Definitely. 

There’s something about holiday shopping that’s liberating. Back home, your shopping is a frenzied rush to cross items off a list, the selection is rather predictable, and the places all too familiar. Holiday shopping, on the other hand, presents you with the opportunity to sample exotic foods, try different styles, and buy a souvenir or two.

Valletta: Undoubtedly the most popular destination for shoppers all year round, Valletta is a shopper’s dream. No need for mechanised transport – it’s all within walking distance and the shops cater for every need imaginable.  While fashion dominates the selection, you’ll find jewellers, cosmetics shops, toy stores, household goods, and some of the finest textile merchants locally. There’s even the celebrated is-Suq (The Market) – fruit and vegetable vendors, fishmongers, delis, and butchers all under one elegant, colonial style roof.

Sliema: One of Malta’s most popular summer towns, Sliema is second only to Valletta when it comes to retail therapy. The shops here are plentiful and there are a few malls, including Malta’s most popular mall – the Plaza Shopping Complex. While shoppers can find pretty much anything they’re after, the shops here tend to focus on fashion, jewellery, books, and electronics. The numerous cafes interwoven almost strategically between shops will make your day one of leisure, rather than a chore. 

Gozo: The best place to bag a bargain on this little island is Victoria. Try the large shopping malls before the town centre, or the variety of smaller merchants hidden in the winding streets. If you’re lucky enough to encounter the daily market in the central square, you’re sure to find interesting gifts, souvenirs and beach wear. 

What to Take Home with You: There are some excellent, tasteful souvenirs available in most areas around the islands. You’ll find miniature representations of popular buildings and famous sculptures carved out of the local limestone. Food is an increasingly popular purchase – the increase of typical Maltese gourmet treats in attractive packaging is a great reminder of your holiday. Probably the most meaningful purchase one can make while on holiday on Malta is a work of art from a local artisan. Art galleries are found all over the island, mainly concentrated in Sliema and Valletta.