From Geoffrey Chaucer to Jimi Hendrix, all great men have waxed and waned about the sea. The sea gives perspective, fortitude and an idyllic sense of calmness.

Malta and Gozo’s shorelines present over 250 kilometers of navigable sea gems rich in caves, beaches and lagoons. Your seafaring journey may take place on many a vessel:

  • A luzzu if you want a touch of nostalgia. This is Malta’s traditional fishing boat painted in festive colours and adorned with the famed Eye of Horus (or Orisis) - an ancient Phoenician custom.
  • A speed boat if you want to chop through the undulating waves and zap from spot to spot rapidly.
  • A jet-ski if you seek high-speed thrills..
  • A chartered sailing boat if you’re a keen sailor or fancy a hired skipper.
  • A cruise boat If you’re keen on joining a group, making some friends and letting a qualified guide show you the ropes.

Once you’ve picked your ride the next step is to plan your course. Malta is only around 90 kilometers from Sicily so if you’re planning some island hopping you’ll find Malta to be a great launch-pad.

If you favour a boat trip through Malta’s magical seas here are three of our top boat trips:

  1. Valletta Harbour boat trips: Malta’s history comes to life as you travel through Valletta’s Grand Harbour, Marsamxetto and the Three Cities. With most architecture still as it stood in the 16th century you’ll get the feeling that here time stood still.
  2. Blue Lagoon & Comino boat trips: The crystal clear waters of the lagoon are a unique and unforgettable experience. Hop off here and explore the rest of the island of Comino.
  3. Gozo’s Azure Window boat trips: This famed stone structure is a natural ancient arch situated close to Dwejra Bay in Gozo. The geographic phenomenon is the result of two collapsed caves dating back several millennia.

If you want to let your hair down look out for ‘Boat Parties’. Some operators offer evening events in which their boat is transformed from a mere means of transport to an entertainment power-hub. With good music, indigenous food and great locations it’s no surprise that these boat parties are known to be the best “off-island” events.