San Blas Gozo


San Blas with its beautiful red sand and natural green surroundings offers the perfect place for relaxing, snorkelling and sun bathing.​

Known as a miniature version of Ramla Bay, San Blas Bay has been left in its natural state. Located at the end of an area surrounded by valleys, this sandy beach in Gozo make it a popular destination for snorkeling as well as for picnics during the winter months.

Accessible from the village of Nadur, this peaceful red-sanded beach spans only a hundred metres and can only be reached on foot. Set in an exceptionally unspoilt natural environment surrounded by valleys.  Ta’ Sopu, a 17th century coastal tower built by the Knight stands on top of a hill overlooking this magnificent beach.  The tower which was built in 1670 stands some 120 metres above sea level.

One particular advantage for this beach is that it lies at the end of one of the most beautiful valleys in Gozo and is very rarely busy.  It is thought that in the old days, the valley leading down to the bay was used as a hunting ground by the Knights of St John.

You will also find a portable kiosk where you will be able to rent out umbrellas and sun beds as well as drinks and snacks. You can also hire a canoe to explore the surrounding landscape as well as admiring the scenic views.