Malta beach


Malta’s best kept secret is that its beaches come to life after hours!

An eclectic glow of music, shimmering Mediterranean sea and grilled food form the perfect background to a night out on one of Malta’s beaches. With a warm climate from April right through to November, Malta’s beaches are a common attraction for all walks of life.

Our personal favourite is the Golden Sands Beach  which is situated on Malta’s North-Westerly coast. Sheltered on three sides by low cliffs, it offers the full cycle of night entertainment including:

•    Moonlit walks or night-swims in clear water (as early as June the bay’s sea is around 20 degrees Celsius so perfect for a night dip).
•    A speedboat twilight thrill to Comino : one of the beach operators offers a fancy ride to Malta’s sister island, Comino. At night the voyage is enchanting and takes no longer than 20 minutes!
•    If you’re into outdoor adventures consider camping at Golden Sands and organizing a midnight BBQ (may require permits). Try Malta’s delicious mullet which you can fish for in the summer months: principally at dusk using the ‘controller float fish’  method.

Unlike beaches in the other countries, Malta’s beaches don’t have opening or closing hours and there are no specific anti-loitering regulations. Indeed beaches are safe and generally well attended by families and people from all walks of life.

The sunset moment (around 20.30 during June to August) is a truly magical experience with a watercolour of orange and earthen tones combining with the Maltese shoreline and blue sea. If you’re lucky you might meet a kind soul strumming away at his guitar creating a perfect melody to an immaculate warm evening.  

But beware: the gentle sound of waves and the salt-charged air may create a perfect lullaby that might tempt you into a peaceful dream. There you might meet the famed sensuous nymph: Calypso who in Homer’s Odyssey  held Odysseus captive for a number of years before releasing him to continue his journey home. You too might be tempted to stay a while longer as Malta’s beauty today (as in ancient Greek times) enchants many a visitor.

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