Fomm ir-Rih malta


A steep and winding pathway leads to this beautiful secluded pebble beach surrounded by magnificent cliffs, valleys and breathtaking views​.

Located near Bahrija, Fomm ir-Rih Bay is one of the most secluded beaches in Malta. Popular with snorkelers and divers, this beach offers beautiful views of cliffs, valleys and the sea as well as a peaceful and relaxing time.  Characterised by a fault line, it has created a spectacular landscape with vertical cliffs and a pebble beach.

Although the sea here is clean and clear, it is only advisable to swim when the sea is calm. When it is windy, it is not recommended to swim due to the rolling waves. The only way down to this isolated bay is by walking down a steep pathway. One of the wildest and most natural spots on the Maltese Islands, it also offers great walks during the colder Winter months.

The famous Maltese freshwater crab can also be found here high above the bay and sea.  Due to the location of this bay, it has remained untouched by any development adding a sense of authenticity to the location. The bay is actually much easier to reach by boat than on foot as the footpath is quite tricky. It is not the ideal option for larger groups and only recommended for fit hikers or ramblers.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and relax in peace and tranquility by the sea.