Anchor Bay Malta

Its stunning caves and beautiful underwater sea life make this secluded bay a prime spot for snorkelers and divers alike. 

Situated in the north-west of the island on the other side of Mellieha Bay, lies Anchor Bay. Widely known as Popeye Village, the bay was the movie setting for the film Popeye released in 1980 featuring Robin Williams.

Located in between two cliffs, the bay is surrounded by many boulders which have formed, creating a nice swim-through. On the left side of the bay, there is a cave known as Scorpion Cave. Its entrance is completely submerged for the first few meters. Snorkelers can use another entrance to enjoy the stunning views inside the cave. 

Diving to the other side of the bay, you will find a large anchor with an enormous chain which gave name to this bay. Old anchors which have been found on this bay are on display at the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa.

Exploring the underwater life, you will be able to see a lot of fish including scorpion fish, morays, groupers, parrot fish and octopus.
The bay itself is quite secluded and is therefore less popular with either locals or tourists. Although the water is beautifully clear and adequate for swimming, it is mainly a diving location because of its several caves.