Armier bay Malta


Located in a rural area, Armier Bay is home to beautiful azure crystal waters. ​

Set up north in the locality of Mellieha, Armier Bay is made up of two beaches with the biggest beach known as Armier and the other one known as Little Armier. Situated opposite of Comino, the bay benefits from crystal clear waters like the Blue Lagoon.

Armier Bay is home to several boat houses mostly utilised by locals as summer residences.  Located in a rural area, no hotels are available nearby. Facilities such as bars, quaint restaurants and water sports operators are all available whilst also making the area an ideal and popular area for barbeques. 

The bay is also a popular choice on Mondays as it is favoured by many going on post village feast celebrations known as a xalata. The tradition first started in Floriana but quickly became popular and embraced by several localities across the island. A Xalata entails people from a specific village celebrating the village feast by going to the beach.

Since both Armier Bay and Little Armier are located on the outskirts of Mellieha, the area makes it a wonderful and prime location for long walks in the Winter.