On Air Malta flights, an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) is a child who is 7-11 years of age (not yet having reached 12) who is not accompanied by a guardian passenger aged 16 years or older. The service is optional for any unaccompanied passengers aged 12 up to 16 years.


Please note: the accompanying adult at the departure airport must remain at the airport until the flight actually departs. In the event of a long delay, the UM will be returned to his/her care until such time that the flight is ready to leave again.

Important note for passengers departing to/from Italy: The unaccompanied minor service is obligatory for passengers travelling unaccompanied who have reached their 7th birthday but not his/her 14th birthday. The service is optional for any passengers aged 14 years and over. 

In addition, UM’s holding Italian passports who have not yet reached their 14th birthday and are travelling unaccompanied to/from/within Italy, including Sicily, are required to obtain, in addition to the Air Malta UM policy, a Dichiarazzione Di Affido (Statement of Custody), signed by both parents/guardians and authorised by the Italian police before departure. A copy of this document can be downloaded here.

How to book:

We offer two options to book the service. In all cases, you have to download the UM form and print it, then: 

1. Scan  and email it to  [email protected]
2. Post it to the following address:

Unit F11
Level 2, Mosta Technopark
Mosta, MST 3000

In all cases, the form has to reach us up to 48 hours prior departure of your flight. 

Our responsibilities:  We place the utmost importance on your child’s safety, and are fully committed to be responsible for your loved one’s safety when travelling alone, from the moment when the departure escort hands over the child into our care at the departure airport until the child is passed on to the authorised escort at the destination.

Fees:  A non-refundable and non-transferable service fee of €70 per unaccompanied minor per flight segment shall be collected on booking. Special offer fares are not applicable for unaccompanied minors.

Boarding:  For the boarding procedure, we provide a ‘Meet and Assist’ service for unaccompanied children. One of our officials will be present to accompany the child through security and passport control formalities. In the departure lounge, we will continue to attend to the child until he/she is escorted to the aircraft and handed personally to the care of the Flight Purser.

On the Flight:  During the flight, our crew members will ensure the well-being of your child and offer assistance as required with in-flight meals and refreshments as well as making sure that he/she is fully comfortable. Our crew will also make sure that your child is neatly groomed upon arrival and that all personal belongings are collected before disembarking. 

Arrival: On arrival at the destination, the appointed cabin crew member (typically the Purser), will pass the child to a waiting Air Malta official, who in turn will assist him/her with luggage collection and all other airport, customs and immigration formalities if needed. The child will then be personally handed over to the waiting adult guardian who will in turn sign a receipt.

For further details please contact us on telephone number +356 21662211.