The islands of Malta and Gozo have a considerable number of beaches that are ideal for those looking for a romantic getaway or a fun holiday in the sun.​

Malta's beaches are not just a location – they are way of life.  Here the term “beaching” refers to a tranquil, slower pace at which communities come together to enjoy the sun and the essence of communal spirit.

 There is something magical about the deep shimmering blue Mediterranean Sea that has enchanted many travellers over several millennia. Spending a holiday in Malta or Gozo necessitates a trip to the beach and the indulgence in its many pleasures.

Malta's beaches are among some of the cleanest and most scenic beaches in Europe. Due to its Mediterranean demeanour Malta sports more rocky beaches than sandy ones, yet both are very easily accessible by public transport and within minutes from most hotels.

Beach life is a 24-hour activity in Malta with camping, snorkeling, fishing and out-door grilling being just a few of the many options available.