Booking your pet as accompanied Checked in Baggage (AVIH) – these may include cats, dogs, hares, rabbits, ferrets and birds:  

It is important to register your pet’s booking at least 5 workings days in advance to make sure that they are not refused at the airport due to limited space for pet carriage in the aircraft hold.   You will be asked to provide the following information:

·         Your Booking Code

·         Name & Surname of Passenger

·         E-mail address

·         Contact phone numbers

·         Departing and Arrival airports

·         Flight Number and date of travel

·         AVIH – Pet details e.g. dogs, cats, ferrets, hares, rabbits or birds.

·         Weight of pet plus carrier in kgs

·         Dimensions of carrier Length * Breadth * Height in cm

·         For ferrets, hares, rabbits and birds you will be asked to produce a valid Health Certificate. A pet passport is required for cats, dogs and ferrets. 

Kindly fill in this form, and one of our representatives will contact you back. Please ensure that the correct pet is selected.

Our agents will check space availability with Air Malta’s appointed Cargo Reservations team and will confirm back to you on the designated e-mail address provided as proof of your pet booking. You would need to present this e-mail confirmation at the airport along with your pet during the check-in process (see ‘At the Airport’ below).

Fees:  The carriage of pets as accompanied checked baggage (AVIH) is charged according to the rates below:

 In case of birds, one cage (up to 10kgs) with a maximum amount of 10 birds will be charged at €70.

Please note that pets do not constitute part of the free baggage allowance and are charged for the full weight of the pet and container irrespective of the applicable baggage entitlement.

A surcharge fee of €10 is applicable for the carriage of ferrets, rabbits, hares and birds.


AVIH Terms and Conditions

·         AVIH is only available for pets holding a pet passport or the relevant documentation. Pet Passport and documentation must be in English.

·         Two pets of the same species in the same container are allowed for dogs, cats, ferrets, hares and rabbits. 

·         One passenger can carry up to two carriers, however each carrier will be charged individually according to the weight.  

·         For seed-eating birds, one (1) cage with up to 10 birds is allowed per passenger. 

·         This service is offered on Air Malta's network excluding United Kingdom. Cats and dogs are accepted out of London Heathrow airport as AVIH.  AVIH is not applicable into the UK.

·         Birds, hares, rabbits and ferrets are not accepted on flights longer than 3 hours.

·         Any other allowable pets are to travel as cargo.

·         AVIH crate type and size allowance must be according to the IATA regulations (LAR).

·         Maximum height of the crate must not exceed 100cm.

·         AVIH crate sizes allowed must have a volumetric weight of up to 60Kgs. To measure the volumetric weight, use the following formula:  LxBxH(cm)/6000. For birds, the volumetric weight of the cage must not exceed the 10kgs.

·         Failure to produce the required documentation and sized crates at check-in may result in offloading your AVIH. Air Malta cannot be held liable for refunds of passenger tickets in such cases.

·         Pet bookings are non-refundable except in cases of flight cancellations by the airline.

·         The carriage of a pet stroller is free of charge.  

If your pet does not qualify to travel as AVIH you might still have the possibility to take up your pet as cargo. 


At the Airport: 

On your departure date, as long as your pet is in a suitable container and within the specified weight and measurement, you can hand it over to Air Malta (or our ground handling agent) during check in. Pets should be checked in at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. They will be carried in the aircraft hold by our dedicated ground handling team. Please make sure that you are ready to hand over all the necessary pet documentation and certificates, including the booking reference document given by the Call Centre at the time of booking. The passenger will then accompany their pet through the bulky luggage handling area where a dedicated handling team will  take over and assure the safety and comfort of the pet.

On arrival at your destination, you can collect your pet, along with the rest of your baggage (if any), from the arrivals hall of your destination airport.  Different airports might offer different delivery services; some might accompany the pets through different channels and then proceed to the baggage reclaim area, others will have the pets delivered straight to the baggage area. Please make sure that you are ready to hand over all the necessary documentation and certificates to the Customs Department, if requested.