The local music scene is an appealing and alluring combination of traditional, experimental and imported sounds.

Sing along to covers of the latest hits or discover new alternative tracks, the music scene in Malta offers something for everyone. When it comes to tradition, the Maltese islands boast the ancient art form of Għana.  To this day, various towns and villages still offer music lessons through their philharmonic band clubs.

The Malta Song Festival has increased interest in popular singing styles over the past years leading to Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.  Since the mid-60s, Malta has seen the surge of Maltese rock bands that perform various music genres from pop rock to indie and alternative.

Malta is also the home of the popular Jazz Festival. Taking place annually in Valletta, the Malta Jazz Festival has been showcasing some of the best local and international talent drawing substantial audiences.

Summer sees performances by local bands and singers at various festivals held out across the islands. The Beer Festival held in August witnesses multiple bands performing in Ta’ Qali across a week.  Most local bands sing in English but in recent years, Malta has seen the creation of local bands performing alternative music sung in Maltese.

With various concerts and festivals held across the year by local bands and artists, there will never be a dull moment trying to decide where to go or to do whilst in Malta.