Air Malta cannot guarantee an allergen-free cabin environment or prevent other passengers from bringing their own food on board.  Therefore our advice to passengers with food allergies, especially nut allergies, is based on International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommendations.

Before you travel, speak to your doctor to discuss the risks involved and what can be done to minimize them. If prescribed an epinephrine/adrenaline auto injector, like an EpiPen, you must carry this with you, in your cabin baggage for use in the case of an emergency allergic reaction. Air Malta staff may, at any one time between check in and the time that the aircraft is ready for departure, request confirmation  that you are carrying such an epinephrine/adrenaline auto injector. In the eventuality that you do not have an epinephrine/adrenaline auto injector the company policy will apply and you risk being denied travel for your own safety.

In order to ensure full assistance is given, please contact our medical helpdesk to notify Air Malta of your allergies at least 96 hours prior to departure, quoting your booking reference and full name to [email protected]

To assist further, please inform the crew upon boarding if you would like Air Malta to make an announcement on-board requesting other passengers to refrain from consuming nuts and nut products on your flight. Please be aware that Air Malta cannot guarantee other passengers compliance to such announcement and that it is your responsibility to carry the appropriate medication to manage your condition.