Flying with Air Malta is rewarding. For every eligible Air Malta economy ticket, you can earn a minimum of 1 KMile per mile travelled. For international flights that are less than 500 miles, members earn a minimum of 500 KMiles.

Simply quote your Flypass membership number whenever you book a flight or present your card at check in to make sure that your KMiles are credited directly into your account.

The table below shows you how many KMiles you will earn for travel on the basis of your fare booking class, and cabin service.

Cabin and Fare Booking Class KMiles earned per mile
Economy E, R, U, N No miles are allocated
Economy S, W X 0.5 miles flown
Economy B, G, K, H, Q, T X 1 miles flown
Economy L, M, V, Y X 2 miles flown
Business Class Booking, Class C. D and I X 3 miles flown

Additionally, you will earn Tier Bonus Miles depending on your membership status in the Flypass Programme.

Tier Level Bonus Miles flown per segment
Permanent Plus 35%
Diamond 50%

The Tier Bonus benefit is renewable every year, on the basis that the required threshold (excluding Bonus KMiles) is acquired through flight activity only on Air Malta schedule services every calendar year from 1st January to 31st December. Tier Bonus Miles are also earned when flying on Flypass Airline Partners.  The Flight Activity Mileage table shown below is based on the distance flown from Malta to the respective destination and vice versa.

Route  KMiles
Cagliari 500
Catania 500
Comiso 500
Palermo 500
Rome 500
Tripoli  500 
Tunis  500 
Athens  543 
Sofia  670 
Venice 675
Marseille 718
Catania - Vienna 739
Milan   741 
Barcelona  772 
Budapest  836 
Geneva  841 
Lyons   843 
Istanbul  850 
Bucharest  853 
Vienna  853 
Zurich  859 
Munich  861
Stuttgart 925
Cagliari - Southend 941
Prague 985
Frankfurt  1025 
Madrid  1035 
Cairo  1053 
Malaga 1059
Leipzig 1071
Larnaca  1078 
Paris 1084 
Dusseldorf  1134 
Brussels  1154 
Berlin  1156 
Tel Aviv 1200
Catania - Southend 1201
Amsterdam  1234 
Hamburg 1237
Casablanca  1270 
London Southend 1281
Kiev 1283
London Gatwick  1285 
Lisbon 1312
London Heathrow  1310 
London Stansted  1313 
Lisbon  1316 
Birmingham  1397 
Manchester  1459 
Dublin  1516 
Cork  1583 
Glasgow  1647 
Stockholm  1652 
Oslo  1671 
Moscow Sheremetyevo 1760
St Petersburg  1800