This pretty natural swimming pool with crystal clear blue-green waters is ideal for snorkelers and swimmers wishing to spend a peaceful and relaxing day in the sun.

A most stunning natural swimming pool in Malta, St. Peter’s Pool is closely located to Marsaxlokk at the tip of Delimara Point in the south west of Malta.

St. Peter’s Pool is not the easiest place to find but it is on the way to Marsaxlokk Bay. Located in a small bay on the Delimara peninsula, St. Peter’s Pool is just off the tall chimney tower next to Marsaxlokk Bay. 

Crystal clear with a beautiful azure and light green colour, this area offers plenty of opportunities for snorkeling. The flat rocks around the pool provide the ideal opportunity for sunbathing while the high rocks will shield you from the strong sun rays.

Ladders are available for access to the sea but there is also the added option of diving into the waters for the more adventurous bathers. St. Peter’s Pool is highly popular with the locals living in the nearby villages as well as for tourists looking for a more remote location to spend their day.

Due to its secluded position, it is rarely crowded and you can easily find a spot for yourself. Just make sure to bring whatever you need for your day out as there are no facilities available. This natural swimming pool may not be suitable for small children at times when it is windy.