Firearms and ammunition


We give security on board our flights the utmost priority. For this reason, firearms carry their own special rules when being carried on board our flights. It’s important to review the instructions below to understand the full procedure of flying with firearms on Air Malta.  

Packing your firearms


When preparing to travel with firearms and/or ammunition, you should follow these instructions carefully:

  • Firearms and/or ammunition will only be accepted as checked-in baggage if they are packed in an appropriate case or packed securely inside a suitcase with your personal belongings. 
  • Each firearm carried must be accompanied by the appropriate firearms certificate. 
  • Loose ammunition is not permitted. Instead, it must be packed either in its original packaging or in a suitable container that prevents movement between shells or cartridges. 
  • You can only pack up to 5kg of ammunition for that person’s own use. 
  • Firearms will be considered as part of your checked-in baggage unless you go over the baggage allowance, that is, 1 piece or 2 pieces depending on the ticket purchased. In that case you will need to pay the usual sports equipment fees.
  • IMPORTANT: Bags or containers containing ammunition must never bear 'explosives' labels.

Before you fly


You must email us on [email protected] at least 72 hours before your flight if you intend to travel with firearms and/or ammunition. This is to ensure compliance with both national and International regulations and obligations. If you fail to do this you will be refused boarding. 

Prior to your flight, you will also need to make separate arrangements for a police escort to be available at time of check-in. Expenses for the police presence will need to be covered by yourself.

A notification must include:

● Quantity
● Type (handgun, rifle, shotgun)
● Make/model
● Calibre

● Quantity (weight) and caliber

Boarding Procedure


  • The police escort shall handle the firearm during check-in, through customs procedures and onto the aircraft.
  • You will need to declare the presence of ammunition in your checked-in baggage and security personnel who will verify that the allowed weight is not exceeded.
  • Finally, you will need to present all the required documentation and licences for your firearm or ammunition. This includes export/import licences and authorisation from local and national authorities.

Furthermore, the following rules apply: 

  • You must be at check-in at least 2 hours before your flight, to allow sufficient time to process the paperwork prior to clearing security.
  • Firearms must always be transported separately from ammunition.
  • Transporting ammunition with explosive or flammable projectiles is not permitted.

For more information on other restricted baggage items, visit this page.