Your Checked-in Baggage

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Essential info


The amount of baggage you can check in depends on the travel class of your ticket.


Product Family Baggage Permitted
Sale No Free Bag
Go Light No Free Bag
Go Smart 1PC each - 23kg
Go Flex 1PC each - 23kg
Just Business 1PC each - 32kg
Smart Business 2PC each - 32kg
Business Freedom 2PC each - 32kg


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Your exact baggage allowance is always stated on your ticket. Visit View My Booking to enter your PNR code and retrieve this information.

Children and Infants
Infants (0 up to 2 years) 10 kg per infant except Go Light
Children and Minors (2 years up to the 12th birthday date) Same as adult baggage allowances


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By Piece or by Weight?


Your checked-in baggage is counted by pieces rather than by weight alone.  This means you can carry a maximum amount of weight in the number of pieces that your ticket is entitled to. Baggage-pooling is not permitted between passengers traveling on the same routing to the same final destination.

Be aware that some airlines have different checked-in baggage rules. You should contact your travel agency or speak directly with the airline in question if part of your travel itinerary involves another airline.

If you’re in doubt, ask our airport staff who can advise you on the checked-in baggage regulations for a trip involving another airline. 

Need to carry more baggage?


If you need to add extra checked-in baggage over and above your free allowance, or from what you've already purchased, visit our Air Malta Shop


If you try and check in baggage that exceeds the permitted weight, this is considered excess baggage and you will have the option to pay for the extra weight at the service desk at a higher price. Remember, a single piece of checked-in baggage should never weigh more than 32kg, whether or not the allowed excess baggage limit has been exceeded. All pieces of baggage in excess of 32kg must be repacked in separate bags. Kindly read our terms and conditions.


Excess Baggage  Prices


Types of Baggage Purchased Online Purchased at the airport Redeem KMiles *
Up to 23kg Baggage € 40 € 60 4000
Upgrading Bag from 23kg to 32kg € 40 € 60 4000
32kg Baggage € 70 € 90 7000


What Should I not Include in my Checked Baggage?


You must not include in Checked Baggage money, jewelry, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports, other identification documents or samples and any fragile or perishable items. We are not liable for the loss of any of these items. Click here to view more information related to Conditions of carriage.

Items that must not be carried in checked baggage, including fragile, brittle, breakable, delicate or easily perishable items, money, jewellery, precious metals, computers, electronic devices, mobile phones, cameras, optical devices – glasses, bills of exchange, securities and other valuable objects such as paintings, manuscripts, publications as well as documents, including business documents and trade samples, passports or other identification documents, medicine and keys as well as damages resulting from the placement of the above mentioned objects in the baggage. (Such items should be transported under personal care and at the responsibility of the passenger).

Due to international regulations, there are some restrictions on what you can pack in your checked-in baggage. A list of dangerous items is kept updated and can be viewed here.

Travelling to/from the USA


When you’re preparing your checked-in baggage for travel to the USA, remember to check the TSA (US Transportation Security Administration) restrictions on using locks. Certain items such as flammable material are also completely banned on flights to and from the USA, both in checked-in and hand baggage. For more information please visit the TSA website.

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Damaged, Delayed or Lost Baggage


In some rare cases, problems may result in your baggage being lost or delayed. If you encounter such an issue with your baggage and require assistance, we are committed to helping you. Our dedicated baggage claims staff will answer all your questions.

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