While sandy beaches might not be Malta’s forte, rocks beaches are available in abundance and offer unique views without intrusive sand.

For those of you who enjoy the sea but are not exactly overenthusiastic about the thought of sand, then Malta is the place to be. With plenty of rocky beaches around the islands, these abrasion-less places are located all over the islands. It is all a matter of personal preference and choice.

Often referred to as “The Rock” Malta is primarily made up of limestone that emerged and submerged from and into the sea.  Much of the rock is flat and easy to walk on. However you still have to pay attention getting in or out of the water near a rocky beach.

Some of the best rocky beaches in Malta are Anchor Bay, Ghar Lapsi, Marsascala Bay, Marsaxlokk Bay, Mistra Bay, Salina Bay, St Thomas Bay, St Paul’s Bay and the Sliema seafront.  In Gozo, Marsalforn Bay and Xlendi are two of the most sought after rocky beaches.  In Comino, the Blue Lagoon has the most beautiful scenic views and clearest water out of all the islands.

One of the added advantages of rocky beaches is that they offer facilities such as showering, dining as well as hiring boats and going water skiing. Some diving clubs also operate from the rocky shores. 

In the evening, you will be able to watch anglers pulling in some interesting fish. Evening barbeque parties are also a regular occurrence on most summer nights.