Ramla Bay Gozo


True to its name, this beautiful beach is renowned for its golden-reddish sand and remains a very popular tourist destination.

Renowned for its golden-reddish sand, Ramla Bay is situated at the bottom of a fertile valley in the north of Gozo. With the village of Xaghra overlooking this valley, it is only a 45 minute walk from Xaghra down to the bay.

Also reachable from Nadur by bus, the beach is wide and sandy making it a popular tourist destination. Known in Maltese as Ramla l-Hamra (meaning red sandy beach), the area surrounding the beach provides scenic views of historical importance.  Roman ruins are buried in sand and Calypso Cave overlooks the western side of the beach.  The Romans had built a villa here, decorated with marble and stucco. It was so luxurious and refined that the building had its own hot bath supplied with water from a nearby spring.

Surrounded by hillsides on both sides, the sandy path on the eastern hillside leads to the Calypso Cave. According to the legend, this is the cave Homer refers to in The Odyssey. The nymph Calypso lived in this cave where she entertained Ulysses for seven years before he move ahead with his journey.

Alongside a statue of the Virgin Mary perched atop a white plinth in 1881, you will be able to enjoy unspoiled views of the bay.