Gnejna Bay Malta

A very popular beach with tourists, Gnejna Bay is about a kilometer away from the quaint village of Mgarr on the west coast of Malta.

Mostly sandy, the bay can be reached by going down a steep cliff. Mostly distinguished for its clay slopes and limestone cliffs, the area is one of Malta’s few remaining perennial freshwater springs that run through Wied il-Gnejna.

The bay is domineered by a rocky outcrop known as Lippia Towers which was built in 1637 by Vincenzo Maculani upon the orders from Grand Master Giovanni Paolo Lascaris. Forming part of the coastal defense network built by the Knights of St John, watch guards at the Lippia Tower and the nearby tower at Ghajn Tuffieha would communicate with the Bingemma Tower by flags and bonfires which in turn led to the alarm-raising in Mdina.

If you take a walk along the huts, you can go up the boulders to a solar observatory complex. Here you will be able to admire limestone formation as well as a variety of Maltese wild flowers.

Only a kilometer away, you can also grab the opportunity to visit the village of Mgarr, renowned for its fresh produce of strawberries and watermelons, the many restaurants offering traditional Fenkati (Rabbit banquet) and various festivals held throughout the year.

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